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    Mashino Attends Family and Consumer Sciences Career Conference

    Wayne State College, December 4th, 2019 – Kaci Mashino from Boyd County attended the Say Yes to FCS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Careers Conference at Wayne State College.  The event was hosted by the college’s Family and Consumer Sciences Department and the Wayne Senior High Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Chapter.  The conference drew more than 180 students, teachers, and supporters from across Nebraska. 

    During the Say Yes to FCS conference, attendees heard from keynote speaker, Dr. Lisa Wanek, who earned a bachelor’s degree in FCS Education. Wanek went on to research bullying and victimization, especially parenting practices, and child behavior and treatment while working on her Master’s and Doctoral degrees. She is now an instructor in the Criminal Justice Department at Wayne State College. She drew connections between the need for FCS classes where students can learn about families and working with children and the ability of those students to be able to stop the cycle of violence and trauma in families.  Students later participated in breakout sessions focused on a variety of careers within the Family and Consumer Sciences field such as Child, Youth, and Family Services; Early Childhood Education and Services; Nutrition and Wellness; Education and Training; Design; Counseling and Mental Health; Culinary Arts; and Comprehensive Family and Consumer Sciences. Participants had the opportunity to compete in FCS content related knowledge tests that assessed students’ knowledge in foods and nutrition, child development & early childhood education, fashion design & clothing, interior design and housing, resource management.  Throughout the day students were able to network with other high school students from 18 different Nebraska schools.  

    Kaci Mashino represented Boyd County at Say Yes to FCS by competing in the content knowledge tests. Fifty-three students participated in the 2019 Say Yes to FCS content test and she placed 2nd in Child Development and Early Childhood Education. The top three highest scoring content test takers were recognized during the closing session and brought home a medal recognizing their achievement. 

    Kaci Mashino said “I really enjoyed the experience of being able to see what FCS has to offer for not only my future, but the world’s future.” The highlights of her day included taking the content test and learning about FCS Education. 

    All attendees returned home with improved knowledge and skills to better prepare them for their future career endeavors.


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    JH Lady Spartans Take on Andes Central and North Central


    The Spartan Junior High Girls Basketball played two games last week.  The Team defeated Lake Andes 26-21 on Tuesday and lost to North Central 20-40 on Thursday.  In the Tuesday game Paige Drueke had 12 points, Kaylee Bennett 6, McKenzie Snyder 6, and Mercedes Brooks 2.  On Thursday Drueke had 10 points, Snyder 4, Brynn Almgren 2, Lanie Lechtenberg 2, and Addison Birmeier 2.  In the 7th Grade game against Lake Andes, Birmeier had 4 pints and Elizabeth Bernt had 2.

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    Payleigh and Joe Head to Special Olympic Bowling!

    If you see Joe Schmitz or Payleigh Sinclair, wish them luck! They head to Kearney this Saturday, December 7th, for Special Olympic Bowling!


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    Boyd County Participates in NVC Choir Clinic

    On November 14, 2019 the Boyd County Sr. High Choir participated in the Niobrara Valley Choral Clinic at Niobrara Public School.  12 of the 15 schools brought their choirs to sing together in one big choir. The songs the NVC Choir sang are “To the First of My Lovers” arr. By Craig Hella Johnson, Hold Fast to Dreams by Langston Hughes and Susan LaBarr, Climbin’ Up the Mountain, Children arranged by Rollo Dilworth, and Song for the Unsung Hero by Pamela and Joseph M. Martin.  The guest clinician was Timothy J. Campbell, Assistant Professor of Music at the University of South Dakota. The students learned a lot from Mr. Campbell and did a great job at the afternoon’s performance.

    Click on the links below to hear the songs performed at the concert.


    To The First of my Lovers 



    Hold Fast to Dream 



    Climbin up the mountain



    Song for the Unsung Hero


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    Join us for a Christmas Feast

    Mary and the gals in the kitchen would like to invite you to Boyd County School's Christmas dinner! Join us for turkey and all the trimmings on Wednesday, December 11th at noon in the school cafeteria. Cost is $5.00 per person.

    You MUST call the school and reserve your spot by noon on Monday, December 9th.

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    All the Bases One Act Performance

    This year the Boyd County One Act has been working early hours practicing for their play, All the Bases by Alan Haehnel under the direction of Mrs. Denise Hausmann and Mrs. Becky Thaler. Click on the little pictures below to see more pictures of their performance, courtesy of Sheryl Hiatt.











    This year's One Act seniors are Klara Faxen, Bailey Reed, Joseph Hiatt, Gracelyn Adams, Heather Atkinson, and Gina McCarthy. Thanks for all your hard work throughout the years. Your talents will be missed!

    All The Bases

    Cast List

    Timmy …….……...… Josh Kersch

    Dale ……...…….…... Chase Snyder

    Marcia …….. ……..... Haylie Carson

    Dawn ……………..…. Rylie Haun

    Ray …….………..….. Jake Froman

    Norma ………..…..… Catalina Knox

    Paula …………….….. Jada Heiser

    Sandy ……..……..…. Heather Atkinson

    John ……....…...….... Braydoen Almgren

    Hannah ………...…... Natalie Hausmann

    Katelyn ….... …....…. Gracelyn Adams

    Sarah ……………......Andrea Hipke

    Dylan …………….… Jenny Goesch

    Mary ……...……...…. Kiryn Kayl

    Angela …………….... Kaci Mashino

    Holly ……………….... Bentley Adams

    Wendy ………………. Bailey Reed

    Checker …………..… Joseph Hiatt


    Stage Crew: Klara Faxen, Gina McCarthy, Trevor Goesh, Trevor Brooks

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    December Kindness Awards

    The Boyd County National Honor Society has drawn for December's Kindness Awards!

    Your winners for this month are Hunter Mizner and Zac Rihanek. Hunter and Zac will be able to eat first in the lunch line for the week, and have also received a ticket for a free Ozark lollipop from the Freshman class fundraiser.

    Honorable mentions go to Kurissa Mizner, Kohen Paulson, Josh Bennett, and John H.

    Good job to all of you who let your awesomeness shine by being so kind!


    Hunter put the "i" in kind by helping the One Act cast and crew unload the trailer after their NVC performance.


    Zac put the "i" in kind by helping school staff take the garbage out when it was snowing outside.

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    ALS Awareness Night

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    Hiatt Attends FBLA NFLC

    Joseph Hiatt, Boyd County FBLA President, attended one of the three 2019 National Fall Leadership Conferences (NFLC). This year, the locations for the three National Fall Leadership Conferences were Denver, Birmingham, and Washington D.C. Joseph traveled by bus to Denver on November 14. The conference was held at the Sheraton Denver Downtown with nearly 300 Nebraska members and advisers in attendance.  While at the conference, members and advisers had the opportunity to explore Denver, listen to motivational speakers and attend workshops to enhance leadership skills. 

    Members and advisers toured various places including Hammond Candy Factory, the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank, and The Mile High Stadium. On Friday night, the conference kicked off with nearly 2,000 in attendance at the opening session. John Guydon, keynote speaker, inspired members to be positive and to maximize efficiency. Three national officers from Nebraska led the general sessions, one of which was Drake Vorderstrasse from Nebraska. Anne Bonney was the keynote speaker at the closing session and encouraged members to embrace change and discomfort. 

    Additionally, Joseph accepted recognition for Boyd County’s Super Sweeps project award at the opening session. In addition to the general sessions, the conference offered a variety of workshops that Joseph attended. Joseph also had meetings with the National Treasurer’s Council, where he serves as Executive Director. Throughout the conference, he networked with other leaders and gained knowledge that he is ecstatic to apply to Boyd County FBLA. The National Fall Leadership Conference really showed Joseph how much he values FBLA.


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    Bubbly Freshman

    The Freshman class is experimenting with the surface tension of water with bubbles. Check out the pictures below!

    The surface of a liquid behaves as though it is covered by a stretched membrane. The strength of the membrane depends on the liquid. It is, for example, much higher for pure water than for soapy water. Cohesive forces that act between the molecules of the liquid without chemical bonding give rise to the surface tension. Molecules in liquids experience strong intermolecular attractive forces. When those forces act between like molecules, they are referred to as cohesive forces. When the attractive forces act between unlike molecules, they are said to be adhesive forces.

    The molecules at the surface do not have other neighbors of the same kind on all sides. They experience a net attractive force toward the bulk of the liquid. This force results in a surface "film" which makes it more difficult to move an object through the surface than to move it, when it is completely submersed. 

    The surface of a liquid behaves like an elastic membrane.  A surface molecule which is displaced by a small amount is acted on by a restoring force due to cohesive forces.





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