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Have a safe and HEALTHY Thanksgiving break. Remember to social distance, avoid large groups, and wear a mask in public!
  • Mandatory Masks

    Due to rising COVID cases and quarantines, Boyd County schools will implement mandatory mask wearing by everyone in school buildings and vehicles effective Monday, November 30th, 2020.

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  • 2020 NVC One Act Results

    COVID has affected every activity including the One Act season. After many hours of line memorization, practice, lost sleep and laughs, the one act team traveled to St. Mary’s for a ‘show and go’ NVC competition. Attendance was restricted which resulted in few audience members to fill the auditorium; however, the cast presented an enjoyable performance entitled “Drama Competition” and represented BC very well. They earned 4th place as a team in the conference, with special recognition given to Brayden Almgren, Jenny Goesch, Andrea Hipke, Kiryn Kayl and Kaci Mashino as outstanding actors! We are proud of each actor’s and stage crew member’s contribution to the team effort! Thanks for all your hard work! GOOD JOB, ONE ACT TEAM!!!

    The work is not finished yet! Practice continues as we prepare for District competition scheduled for December 1 in Hartington-New Castle.

    Thank you for the support you have given the BC drama department.

    ~Coach, Mrs. ThalerAssisted by Katie Nolles


    Cast: Kiryn Kayl, Andrea Hipke, Kaci Mashino, Josh Kersch, Jenny Goesch, Catalina Knox, Brayden Almgren, Chase Snyder, Bentley Adams, Natalie Hausmann, Rylie Haun

    Crew:  Natasha Zeisler, Liz Kersch, Brynn Almgren, Trevor Goesch, Amelia Hakl


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  • Spartan Media Team Video Interviews

    The Spartan Media Class are digging further into the interview process. This time they did recorded interviews with a member of the Boyd County staff or student body. The interviews had to be at least five minutes long. This was the first time the Spartan Media students were able to do a recorded interview. We plan on doing many more next semester. Click ont he links below to watch the interviews.

    Elizabeth interviews Mr. Brown on his role of being a superintenant.

    Nevaeh interviews Mrs. Johnson on her role of being a principal

    Kyra interviews Natasha on FFA and YoCamp

    Leah interviews Miss Nolles on FFA and being a state officer





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  • Digital Veterans Day Program

    In the time of COVID we are finding more and more ways to do the things we always do, but in a digital format. The annual Veterans Day program is another one of these normals that we needed to find a way to do on-line. Thank you to Mrs. Hausmann for making this possible. If you know a Veteran who would enjoy this, please share it with them, and thank them from the Boyd County School! Click on the links below for your digital Veterans Day Program.

    The Star Spangled Banner

    To Those Who Serve K-12 Vocal

    High School Choir

    Junior High Band

    HIgh School Band


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  • A Day in the Life: Engineers


    The 7th graders have been spending time learning about the engineering design process.  Throughout this unit we have learned about the steps that engineers take in order to design a new technology, material, or process, as well as the steps they take to improve existing technology.  All of the items that we use on a daily basis have gone through this process, and continue to as we get updated versions of technology.  

    7th graders got a chance to step into the shoes of an engineer by designing a Model Bike Helmet with an egg as their subject.  Students were given criteria and constraints of their project along with a list of materials they could use.  Each group came up with 3 designs and then had to analyze which design would make the best prototype.  After choosing their design to build they then had to build it to the exact specifications that were on their design, they could not add or take off any parts of the design.  The next step was to test their models.  This was done by dropping the egg from a height of 1.5 meters to see if their prototype was able to protect their egg.  Everyone was excited to see if their egg would survive or go splat!  Unfortunately, all of the eggs went splat.  But, this gave us an opportunity to reevaluate our designs and come up with ideas how to make a better solution.  These kids would make great engineers someday!

    Click on the small picture to see more!

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  • NSAA Winter Activities COVID Guidelines

    Boyd County Public Schools Winter Sports Protocols

    Mandated by NSAA:

    1. Participants are permitted, but not required, to wear face coverings during competition.
    2. Coaches and non-active participants are required to wear face coverings at all times.
    3. Spectators are required to wear face coverings at all times while attending indoor activities.
    4. Host school requirements must be the same for all schools, officials, judges and spectators.


    Boyd County protocols for Junior High, Junior Varsity, and Varsity competitions, as suggested by the NSAA:

    1. Based on DHM’s (25% seating capacity), each home player will be given (3) admission tickets for family to attend home contests, visiting team will be given (75) admission tickets to be distributed as they see fit.
    2. Based on DHM’s, attendance at indoor extra-curricular activities are limited to household family members only.
    3. Based on DHM’s, six (6) feet of separation required between household units.
    4. Separate entry points will be established for home and visitor spectators.
    5. Diligent cleaning and sanitizing will be done before and after games.
    6. Team benches will be restricted to essential personnel only, as well as not utilizing two rows of bleachers directly behind the teams.
    7. Limit the number of game days to not include JH, JV, and Varsity playing on the same day in the same location.
    8. No spectator student attendance will be allowed without being in possession of an admission ticket.
    9. Due to limited space, and mandate of masks, no concessions will be sold during contests.
    10. Pregame warm-ups will be limited to 10 minutes, to minimize spectator and player contact.
    11. Family groups will be asked to social distance from other fans by, at a minimum, (6) feet.
    12. There will be no pregame/postgame handshakes or fist bumps by players or coaches.
    13. Spectators will be expected to leave at the conclusion of their family member playing, and immediately following games spectators will be expected to leave the gym by their established entry/exit point.
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  • BC Basketball is Selling Fan Cloth Apparel

    The Boyd County girls and boys basketball teams ware working together to sell Fan Cloth apparel and gear. Due to COVID, all orders and payments will be done online, and orders will be shipped directly to your house. Just click on the link below, and shop, shop, shop! 

    Boyd County Fan Cloth Basketball Order


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  • BC 3rd Grade Poetry Coffee Shop

    For the past two weeks third graders at Boyd County West campus have been learning about poetry. This week the students practiced poems to present to their class as well as composing their own poems. Some of them writing their very first poem! Friday the students gathered in small groups to present their poems as if they were presenting in a coffee shop. Coffee shop means that students snapped instead of clapped and offered praises to their classmates on a job well done. As a special treat Mrs. Johnson came to recite one of her favorite poems, Jabberwocky. Students then celebrated a job well done with hot cocoa and donut holes.

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