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  • NSAA Sprng Covid Guidelines

    2020-21 NSAA Spring Season Guidelines

    Effective: March 1, 2021

    Circumstancesrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic are constantly changing and vary from community to community.
    Decisions will have to be made from week to week or even day to day. The health and safety of students,staff, and
    local communities remain the priority of the NSAA as we provide opportunities to participate in the spring sports

    Each school has the authority to determine if it will participate in the 2020-21 Spring Season. During the season it will
    be the responsibility of the host school to provide administrative oversight and compliance with established COVID-19
    guidelines in accordance with their local health departments and facilities.

    The NSAA is requiring the following of schools, officials and spectators for all spring season contests:
        • Active participants are permitted, but not required, to wear face coverings during competition/performance.
        • Spectators are required to wear face coverings for entrance to all activities. Face coverings may be removed if
            outside and 6 feet of physical distance can be maintained.
        • Face coverings must cover the nose and mouth.
        • Follow local/state DHM’s for spectator attendance.
        • The host school may establish additional requirements in consultation with local health departments.
    Additional requirements implemented by the host school must be the same for all schools, officials, judges, and
    Recommended protocols for spring contest hosts:
        • Coaches and non-active participants are encouraged to wear face coverings at all times
        • Create separate points of entry and seating for home and visitor teams/spectators
        • Provide no concession stands or separate/multiple concession stands
        • Provide separate/multiple restrooms
        • Use signage, stanchions, or field markings to ensure physical distancing of 6 feet at concession stands and
        • Communicate availability of locker room space for the opposing team and officials
        • Implement diligent and effective cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched objects and surfaces

    NSAA expects schools to play their regularly scheduled competitions unless a COVID-19 issue prevents them from
    playing. Member schools, in consultation with their local health department, shall be responsible for determining
    whether a scheduled game, match, contest, or other activity is cancelled or postponed due to a COVID-19 related
    issue. Memberschools shall notify the NSAA of any cancellation or postponement.
    The NSAA has great appreciation for all its member schools and their tireless efforts to provide opportunities for
    learning and participation in NSAA activities. Communication, flexibility, and patience will be key in supporting our
    high school student participants as they participate in activities this spring season.


    2021 NSAA Track & Field

    COVID-19 Regular Season Accommodations
    These modifications are subject to change in response to COVID-19.

    The host school should make every effort to mitigate risk and provide adequate opportunities for physical distancing
    procedures for the opposing teams, officials, and all spectators.
    This may include but is not limited to:
        • Restricting attendance / seating areas
        • Separate points of entry for teams and spectators
        • No concession stands, or multiple concession stands
        • Multiple restrooms for spectators
        • Adequate locker room space / outdoor space for the opposing teams
        • Adequate locker room space / outdoor space for the officials
        • Encouraging / requiring spectators to wear face coverings
        • Implementing a diligent and effective cleaning / disinfecting procedure of frequently touched objects and

    Competition Considerations:
        • Minimize the number of teams or participants at the competition
        • Recommend / require athletes to physical distance when not actively competing
        • Recommend / require athletes to wear face coverings when not actively competing
        • Disinfect implements before, during and after competition
        • Recommend / require meet officials to wear face coverings
        • Provide adequate space to physical distance in the clerking area


    2021 NSAA Baseball Rules Modifications & Considerations

    These modifications are subject to change in response to COVID-19.
     All NSAA member schools must follow their local Directed Health Measures.
        - The host administration must pre-communicate local protocols and activity requirements to participating

    NSAA Baseball Rules Modifications:
        - Facial Coverings: Players are not permitted to use white facial coverings and they cannot be distracting. Facial
            coverings should not have designs other than the school mascot/logo.
        - Offensive helmets do not need to match.
        - Pregame conferences: Limit attendees to one coach from each team plus the umpires. Coaches should stay
            outside the width of the batter’s box at home plate, maintaining six feet of distance between each person.
        - Lineups should be handed to the umpire, and the umpire will verbally approve or ask any questions about the
            lineup. It is recommended that lineup cards be exchanged team to team and teams to scorekeeper to be shared
            via photo or text.
        - Pitch Counts should be exchanged verbally after each game at each level of play.
        - Substitutions/Coaching: The verbal exchange should occur six feet from the coach to scorer and opposing team
            when making lineup changes. Coaches who wish to discuss a rule or a ruling on the field must maintain at least
            six feet of distance from the umpire.
        - Bench & Field Conduct: Players are not permitted to leave the dugout area to
            congratulate players when scoring or after home runs. Players and coaches should maintain six feet of social
            distance when possible. If extending the dugout, rule 1-2-4 shall be followed and the dugout extension should
            be outside of the field.
        - Conferences: Conferences shall be limited to one coach attending with all persons involved maintaining at least
            six feet of social distance.
        - Press Box: Limit the number of non-essential personnel who are in the press box throughout games.
    General Considerations:
        • Have hand sanitizer and wipes available at the field.
        • Wash stations or sanitizer at each dugout.
        • No one touches the score sheet except the scorer.
        • Disinfect the bench/dugout prior to competition.
        • Stagger seating of fans.
        • The home team should provide the game balls.
    1. The deadline to submit varsity schedules to the NSAA has been extended to Thursday, March 18th.
    2. Regular season games that are canceled due to COVID-19 will be considered a “no-contest.”
        a. Wild card points will not be awarded for “no-contest” games.
        b. Forfeits will not be issued for “no-contest” games.
    3. Replacement games (not originally scheduled) may be scheduled at any time.
    a. Wild card points will not be awarded.
    b. Contest limitations may not be exceeded.

        o Provide a clean/dirty bucket.
        o Clean/sanitize as needed.

    Considerations for Coaches:
        • Wear masks on and off the field.
        • Eliminate handshakes post-game.
        • Maintain six feet distance between players and umpires.
        • Limit and shorten visits with Homeplate umpires between innings.
        • No seeds, gum or spitting.
        • Coaches are responsible for ensuring social/physical distancing is maintained between players as much as
    Considerations for Players:
        • No seeds, gum or spitting.
        • Players should clean and sanitize equipment after each game.
        • Social distancing on the bench and/or dugout.
        • No sharing of water bottles, helmets, catcher’s equipment, or bats.
        • Sanitize all equipment after each game.
        • Eliminate handshakes post game.
        • Eliminate handshakes with coaches/umpires pre-game.
        • Carry hand sanitizer.
    Considerations for Umpires:
        • Wearing of facial coverings. Facial coverings should be one solid color and not distracting.
        • Bring personal hand sanitizer. Wash hands frequently
        • Don’t share equipment.
        • No touching of baseballs.
        • Clean equipment after each game.
        • Follow social distancing guidelines. Consider six feet minimum distance when talking to others (players, coaches,
            other umpires) at plate meeting.
        • Do not shake hands and follow pre and post-game ceremony guidelines established by state associations.
        • Consider facility size and spacing within umpire dressing rooms. They should be cleaned and sanitized.
        • If umpires must enter the field through the dugout, the dugout should be empty with no players/coaches/team


    2021 NSAA Soccer Rules Modifications & Considerations
    These modifications are subject to change in response to COVID-19.

    Participants, coaches, officials or spectators that feel sick or have been exposed to someone with a confirmed positive
    COVID-19 diagnosis in the last 14 days, should not attend or participate in practice or competition. The NSAA requires all
    non-active participants, coaches, and spectators to wear face coverings. Physical distancing should be practiced when
    NSAA Approved Ruling Modifications:
        • NSAA schedule deadline is extended from March 10th to March 19th
        • Regular season games that are canceled due to COVID-19 will be considered a “no-contest.”
            o Wild card points will not be awarded for “no-contest” games.
            o Forfeits will not be issued for “no-contest” games.
        • Replacement games (not originally scheduled) may be scheduled at any time.
            o Wild card points will not be awarded.
            o Contest limitations may not be exceeded.
        • Attendance can be limited according to the respective DHM capacity restrictions
    Additional NFHS/NSAA Wrestling Rules Modification/Considerations
        • Eliminate shaking hands with officials at any time
        • Eliminate shaking hands with opposing team or coach before or after the contest
        • Pregame conference
            o Limit attendees to head referee or center referee, the head coach from each team, and a single captain
            from each team.
            o All individuals maintain a social distance of 6 feet.
        • Maintain social distancing of 6 feet between the substitute, officials and/or teammate(s) by encouraging
            substitutions to occur closer to the center line.
        • Team benches should be more than 6 feet off of the out-of-bounds line to allow for the AR to freely
            move and keep socially distanced
        • Limit the official’s table to essential personnel which includes: home team scorer, and timer with a
            recommended distance of 6 feet between individuals. Visiting team personnel (scorer, statisticians) are
            not deemed essential personnel and will need to be at an alternate location
        • Consider percentage of capacity allowance for spectators – follow respective DHM’s for your area

        • No shared drinking facilities (individual water bottles)
        • Wash stations or sanitizer at each team bench.
        • No one touches the score sheet except the scorer.
        • Disinfect the benches prior to competition.
        • Stagger seating of fans.
        • The home team should provide the game balls
        • Coaches need to wear face coverings at all times

        • When not competing, players need to wear face coverings and physical distance
        • Sanitary wipes and sanitizer available at the scoring/head tables
        • Reduce the traveling parties to essential personnel only (competitors and coaches, medical personnel)
    Venues, Workers and Spectators
        • All staff, workers, and spectators wear a face covering
        • Prepare field for physical distancing, where possible - follow respective DHM’s for your area and follow capacity
        • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes available at each scorer’s table
        • Writing utensils, when used, handled by one person or sanitized between uses by other workers
        • Limit the number of workers at each table – only necessary personnel
        • Officials are NOT responsible for monitoring activities on the sidelines, such as physical distancing, hand
            sanitizing, symptoms of illness and other such issues. This monitoring is the responsibility of the respective
            coaching staff and school personnel.
        • Bring personal hand sanitizer. Wash hands frequently
        • Follow social distancing guidelines. Consider six feet minimum distance when talking to others (players, coaches,
            other umpires) at plate meeting.
        • Do not shake hands and follow pre and post-game ceremony guidelines established by state associations.
        • Consider facility size and spacing within official’s dressing rooms. They should be cleaned and sanitized.
        • Face coverings required when arriving and departing and optional when actively officiating
        • May wear disposable gloves
        • Do not share equipment


    2021 NSAA Boys Golf Rules Modifications & Considerations
    These modifications are subject to change in response to COVID-19.

        • Driving range is to be determined by golf course.
        • Much of the facility information will come from the golf course.
        • If bad weather occurs it is recommended that all should return to their vehicles rather than the clubhouse.
        • It is recommended to not have award ceremonies.
    Contest warm up:
        • Driving range regulations determined by golf course.
        • Consider having a rotation of use to limit number on the range at one time and putting green.
        • Communicate the details of the event prior to the day of the event. This way schools can plan their arrival and
        competition with minimal gatherings to discuss the event details.
    Practice Areas - The policies below for the practice range and putting/chipping green(s) allows for players to practice
    prior to their start time on a limited basis. All players should have equal opportunity to practice before their round if the
    following are adhered to.
        • Practice Range
            o Limitations to the number of players that may be on the range will be site specific based on the size of
                the range and the number of stations available using 6’ social distancing.
            o Players only allowed on the practice range.
            o Players can be limited to only one bag of balls (approximately 50 balls) to hit on the range.
        • Putting/Chipping Greens
            o Limitations to the number of players that may be on the practice putting green and/or chipping green
                will be site specific based on the size of the greens.
            o Players only allowed on or around the greens.
            o Players should be quick and efficient with their practice to ensure all players get time on the greens.
                Starting Areas - Players should arrive at their assigned tee no more than 5 min before their assigned starting time.
        • Scoring –
            o Digital scoring may be used when available.
            o Scorecards should be distributed to each player. Scorecards will not be exchanged or require
            o Upon completion of the round players will enter the designated scoring area to review and verify
                their scores verbally with the scoring official.

        • Bunkers - Limited number of bunker rakes could be available on the golf course.
            o Ball will be played as it lies in the bunker.
            o If a player feels their ball is in an abnormal ground condition they can ask for relief from a member of
                the Committee. If granted, the relief procedure will be followed as stated in the Rules of Golf.

        • Flagstick - Attending and removal of flagsticks is permitted if allowed by the facility.
            o It is recommended that the player that removed the flagstick be the one to replace it.

        • Returned Scorecard - A scorecard will be deemed returned when the player has verbally verified their hole-
            -hole scores with their marker and the scoring official and left the designated scoring area.

    NSAA Championships and District Contests.
        • Scoring monitors will not be used at district and state championships

    NSAA Board approved changes
    Schedules for Class A are now due March 17th.
    Schools in Class A can replace a meet or tournament that is missed. Schools cannot exceed the individual
    contest limit. Meets or tournaments that are replacement meets or tournaments will not count towards an
    individual or team differential. Note: This does not refer to meets or tournaments that are rescheduled.

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  • Talking to Your Kids About Vaping and Drug Use

    The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is the agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that leads public health efforts to advance the behavioral health of the nation. SAMHSA's mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America's communities. Congress established the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in 1992 to make substance use and mental disorder information, services, and research more accessible. SAMHSA has advisory councils or committees to advance its goals. Through these councils and committees, SAMHSA draws advice from public members and professionals in the field of substance abuse and mental health.

    Substance abuse can be a difficult topic to talk to your children about. Where do you even start with all the information available while making sure your giving accurate information. SAMHSA has created some resources for parents to help with this process. Click on the links below to view brochures that give tips on how to talk to your children about vaping, marijuana use, and opiod use. You can also visit SAMHSA's website for more resources at https://www.samhsa.gov/?scrlybrkr=5b091578.

    Talk to Your Kids About Vaping

    Talk to Your Kids About Marijuana Use

    Talk to Your Kids About Opiod Abuse

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  • 1st Grade Shadow Activity

    The first graders at the Butte campus studied light and shadows in their science class.  They did some activities involving different materials and whether light will go through them.  They also performed a shadow puppet play in groups. The first graders enjoyed the nice weather by drawing each other’s shadow on the cement in the morning and again in the afternoon.  After the drawing, they discussed why their shadow moved.  


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  • Jenny Goesch is Accepted into West Point

    The United States Military Academy, also referred to as West Point, is one of five academies across the nation that train cadets for 47 months in four different categories: academics, physical fitness, character, and military training. If you are accepted into the academy, you attend on a full scholarship with a salary if you work a minimum of eight years, with five being in active duty.The application process is very different from a typical college application. You must be qualified academically, physically, and medically. Jenny started her preliminary application during the winter of her junior year. This was basic information to see if she would be competitive in the process. At the end of junior year, Jenny was deemed competitive and could continue her application. Throughout the next few months she submitted transcripts, ACT scores, essays, a character evaluation, activity records, a fitness assessment, and teacher evaluations, as well as had an interview. She also had to be nominated by a member of congress which was a seperate application process similar to the academy's. She filled out these applications and completed interviews for both of our senators and our district congressman. The last part of the application process was to go through medical exams which had to be done at Department of Defense approved clinics. Jenny completed her application in October, was determined medically qualified in December, and received her appointment in January. She officially accepted the offer on the 22nd!“While at USMA, I hope to major in Mechanical Engineering. During my first class year(senior year) I will be given a branch to commission into after graduation.” Jenny says. “After my four years at West Point, I can see myself serving past the eight year commitment and making a career in the military. I am excited to see what opportunities and experiences the future holds!” Congratulations Jenny Goesch!! - Interviewed and written by Rachel Matthews

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  • Hoffman Accepted Into Wayne State RHOP

    Lauryn Hoffman has been accepted into the Wayne State RHOP. RHOP stands for Rural Health Opportunities Program, and is a cooperative program between Wayne State College and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) to provide individuals who are committed to return to rural Nebraska and practice healthcare. This scholarship is full tuition to Wayne State, and gives guaranteed admission at UNMC. Lauryn is also receiveing a scholorship from Wayne State for track, and will most likely be competing in mid distance with the 400m and 200m dash. When asked what 

    When asked what Lauryn's future plans are once she responded, "After completing the two-year undergraduate program at Wayne State, I will attend UNMC’s College of Nursing program. After two years there I will receive my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from UNMC and will be qualified to take the NCLEX-RN to gain my licensure for nursing. I’m excited to see where this path takes me, I’m interested in Pediatric and Oncology nursing, and I am open to the option of continuing my education to become a nurse practitioner."

    Way to go Lauryn! - Interviewed and written by Elizabeth Holmberg

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  • February 2021 Kindness Award

    February's Kindness Award goes to 7th grader Dawson Pelc!

    Dawson put the "I" in kind by helping Miss Bernt clear elementary breakfast trays in the lunchroom. Way to go Dawson! Thanks for letting your awesomeness shine by being so kind!

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  • Harmon and Kluckman Win Poster Contest

    As part of the Media class's month long Black History Month project, the seventh graders partook in a poster contest. First, they were shown a short documentary called "A Time For Justice", in which they were shown many different stories that became part of the Civil Rights Movement. After watching the documentary they were asked to choose one of the stories they were shown, and create a poster for that specific event. Some of their choices were Emmet Till, The Freedom Riders, Rosa Parks, the Lunch Counter Protests, public segregation, the 16 Street Baptist Church Bombing, Martin Luther King Junior, the Little Rock Nine, and others. The Media class students gathered up all the posters, and chose a poster depicting what happened to Emmet Till, drawn by Jada Harmon and ReNae Kluckman, as the winner! We would also like to think Mr. Hiatt for allowing us to come into his classroom to share these important stories with the seventh grade class.

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  • The Boyd County Speech Team has a Busy Week

    Awakened by the brisk air of the wee morning hours, the Boyd County Speech Team traveled to Norfolk on February 19. 

    The BC team placed 4th overall. Coming home with medals were:

    Kaci Mashino (poetry) - 3rd

    Catalina Knox (poetry) - 4th 

    Jenny Goesch (persuasive) - 5th

    Chase Snyder, Trevor Brooks, Brayden Almgren, Josh Kersch (OID) - 3rd

    Kaci Mashino (entertainment) - 2nd 


    The Boyd County Speech Team represented us well again in Ainsworth on February 20th.

    The BC team placed 4th overall again! Coming hom with hardware was:

    Jenny Goesch (serious) - 5th

    Kaci Mashino (varsity poetry) - 1st

    Catalina Knox (varsity poetry) - 4th

    Amelia Hakl (novice extempt) - 3rd

    Brynn Almgren (novice entertainment) - 1st

    Kaci 2nd, (varsity entertainment) - 1st

    Zoe (novice inform) - 3rd

    Brayden and Brynn Almgren (varsity duet) - 6th 

    Chase Snyder, Trevor Brooks, Brayden Almgren, Josh Kersch (OID) - 3rd

    Jenny Goesch (persuasive) - 5th 

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